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Annual Meetings

2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 17, 6pm, at the Polson Library meeting room. All are welcome.

Archived Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Meeting, June 14, Polson Library, 6:00PM, all are welcome.

Jette Meadows Landowners Association
The 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting – June 13, 2017


Meeting called to order at 7:10


Andrew Speer opened the meeting by acknowledging the work of several people in the JMLA community. First, he remembered Gordon Terry who passed away last July. He did so much for the community and few will ever know the full extent. Sam Marshall, past board member, stepped in to help at this time along with our bookkeeper, Lana Bartel. Martina Nolte led a group to review JMLA records and make suggestions for written policies. That group included Lana Bartel, Duane Pearce, and Russ Odegaard. Andrew also thanked Diane Speer who built and maintains the JMLA website. He also acknowledged Harvey and Joyce Towne who prepares the meeting place and refreshments and the Polson Alliance Church for offering the meeting space year-after-year.

Report of Treasurer:

Brent Sliker gave the treasurer’s report. The profit and loss statement from the 1st Citizens checking account was presented. The account balance is $5,316.03. Whitefish Credit savings account balance is $52,656.30.

Report of water district:

Rich Beauchamp gave the report. He suggested visiting the water district’s website form more information.

Report of design and review:

Craig Barfoot was not able to attend the meeting but sent a written report. They approved a new, larger shed and a woven wire fence around the garden on lot 36 and we approved a lean-to, patio cover, and woodshed on lot 48. Craig is resigning from the Committee as of this meeting.

Weed management Plan:

Andrew Speer reported. The community spent $3,078.00 on weed management for 2016. The main targets were knapweed and leafy spurge. Spraying was done by Tom Benson for leafy spurge and we bought bugs for leafy spurge and knapweed. We have encouraged property owners to do more on their own property. Martina, Duane and Andrew built cages in the fall to safely house knapweed bugs and allow them to get a good start and multiply.

Election of JMLA board of directors:

Andrew Speer and Brent Sliker chose not to run for the next year. Two nominations from the floor were for Donna Kotyk and Jim Doolittle and they accepted. There were 19 lot landowners present and 16 proxies which did not make a quorum, but since there were no other candidates or opposition, Donna and Jim became the new Board.

A motion was made and seconded for adjournment.

Archived Annual Meeting Minutes

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