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Board Policies


JMLA Payments

All payments from JMLA shall be made by checks. A receipt shall be required for payment with sufficient information for future records. The check shall be issued by the bookkeeper and requires the signature of two (2) Board members.


Contracts shall be recorded in the monthly Board meetings.  It is preferable to get three (3) bids on a contract over $1,000.00. All contracts shall be approved and signed by at least two (2) Board members.  The Board shall verify that contractors hold an independent Contractor Exemption Certificate and carry workers’ compensation insurance on themselves and their employees.

Snow Plowing

The call for snow plowing will be at the discretion of a designated resident on the non-county road and will be responsible for verifying that the services billed were performed. The snow plowing bill shall be divided with JMLA paying 50% of the bill, due to the common area along the plowed road, and 50% equally divided between the winter residents who live on the non-county road. Winter residents will be determined by any residence that uses water between November 1st and April 1st.

Interest Fees

Article V. Section 8. Annual assessments shall be set by January 1st of each year and are due payable on April 1st of that year.

Article V. Section 9. Effect of nonpayment of assessment: Remedies of the association.  Any assessment not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date, there of, shall bear the interest from the due date of a rate of ten percent (10%) per annum.

The assessment rate of 10% per annum starts in May until full payment. Interest on delinquent payments for snow plow bills or other assessments shall also be 10% per annum, starting 30 days after the due date.  Per the Covenants, any assessments not paid by the due date shall be delinquent and voting rights for that lot shall be suspended until all past and delinquent assessments and interest are paid in full.

Posted December 2016

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